Swan has a 1% fee which is not accounted for by Koinly when I import my CSV from Swan.
For example, if I buy 100USD of Bitcoin, Swan will transfer 101USD from my bank. Then I pay 100USD with 1USD in fees
When I import the 'Cointracker Tax CSV', Koinly misses the 1% fee on the buy transaction. So Koinly will show I bought 100USD of Bitcoin with no fee. This CSV does not include data for the fiat transfers from my bank.
When I import the 'Deposits and Purchases CSV', Koinly correctly determines the buy transaction including the fee. However, Koinly will only show a transfer of 100USD from my bank. Missing the 1USD for the fees so then the wallet ends up showing a negative balance.
I can provide my CSVs if needed.